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Asp guestbook

ASP Guestbook

Free guestbook script using ASP and MS Access database. Includes verification to help prevent guestbook spam. ASP Guestbook is Free and open source software.

Easy Guestbook with ASP - CodeProject

Easy Guestbook with ASP and MS Access; Author: aa2max; Updated: 12 Jul 2004; Section: ASP; Chapter: Web Development; Updated: 12 Jul 2004

ASP.NET Guestbook - ASP Free

We are going to see the steps involved in designing a guestbook using ASP.NET and SQLServer as the backend. Guestbooks are an important tool to know about your site's ...

Codango: ASP Guestbook Applications, Guest Book Scripts

This Category contains ASP applications for the creation and maintenance of a guestbook for ASP web sites. Guestbooks allow users to leave their names, contact ...

ASP Guestbook Application - CodeProject

A simple guestbook application using ASP and an Access database; Author: Uwe Keim; Updated: 18 Oct 2000; Section: ASP; Chapter: Web Development; Updated: 18 Oct 2000

ASP Guestbook Free | HotScripts Guestbooks

ASP Guestbook Free. HotScripts Guestbooks from Hot Scripts. Free ASP Guestbook is an easy to use web-based content management guestbook. Simple to install and use. : ASP Lesson 4 : Add an ASP guestbook!

Learn to make an ASP guestbook in VBScript. ... Summary: Learn to make an ASP guestbook in VBScript. View the demo to see the result.

Zero Administration Guestbook - free ASP script

Free ASP Code / Script: Zero Administration Guestbook (Ver 1.30) What is Zero Administration Guestbook? Zero Administration Guestbook is a free ASP code (yes, you ...

FreeVBCode code snippet: ASP Guest Book Version 2.0

ASP code demonstrates a text file manipulation using "fso" Access to administrator ... local drive using WinZip or a comparable program to view the contents. Download guestbook ...

Create Your Own Guestbook In ASP.NET - SitePoint

Having trouble finding an ASP.NET guestbook for your site? So was Sonu, so he developed one himself! Here, he shows exactly how it's done.

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