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Proquest factiva title list xls

ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (XLS)

qAcademic2012Q3 qAcademic2012Q3 AAA Intheblack Full Text Selected Coverage Monthly English 1832-0899 Accounting and Consulting Australia|Australia/Oceania

ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (XLS)

qAcademic2010Q1 qAcademic2010Q1 United States - District of Columbia|United States|North American Countries ABCJS ABC News Now: Popcorn with Joel Siegel

ProQuest -

Discover More View Title List (.xls) Factiva Academic Brochure (PDF) Factiva Public Library ... ProQuest Newsstand ProQuest Historical Newspapers ProQuest Entrepreneurship

ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (.xls)

qAcademic2009Q2 qAcademic2009Q2 Wireless Today 1096-4347 WTNS Washington Telecom Newswire 1087-433X WTNW Waste Treatment Technology News 0885-0003 WTOB

ProQuest - CSA Title Lists

Dow Jones Factiva ... Micromedia ProQuest ... Serials title list (.xls) Aerospace Database Serials Title list ...

ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (XLS) Academic Source List (Q4 2011) Last Update: 12/19/11 Factiva Source Code Source Directory Name First Issue Online Discontinued Date Article Coverage

Factiva Title List VIVA_ The Virtual Library of Virginia.xls

Title List - Factiva ** Disclaimer: This source list is provided for your sole use and for evaluation purposes only. Contact your ProQuest sales representative ...

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CLASS.XLS | | Convert : economies list siteresources siteresourcesworldbankorg: ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (XLS)

Listc Northeastpowerreport, Public Service Enterprise Group ...

ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (XLS) qAcademic2012Q1 qAcademic2012Q1 Factiva Source Code Source ...

Netguide Journal - Free XLS downloads

ProQuest - Factiva | Title List (XLS) Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance (Abstracts) 1044-8136 AJCH American Journal of Chinese Medicine 0090-2942 AJCM Journal of Cost ...

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